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COVID Lockdown

Letter to Parents – Southern COVID Lockdown 


Dear parents and carers 


As you would be aware, in an effort to prevent a COVID-19 outbreak the Tasmanian Government has announced that from 6PM Friday 15 October the Southern Region will enter a short lockdown period.  The current advice is that the lockdown is expected to end on Monday 18 October at 6PM. As always, we are following advice from Public Health and should the lockdown period need to be extended, we will keep you updated. 

A short, sharp lockdown is designed to act as a circuit breaker on transmission and support contact tracing, in response to COVID-19 being detected in the community. 


We know that this is a concerning time for everyone.  However, we also know that because of our experience last year, we are in a very good position to work our way through this disrupted period while continuing to support student learning.     


Student Learning 

What this means is that:  

  • Schools will remain open for students of permitted workers and those who are unable to be supervised or supported at home. Given the short timeframe, schools from kindergarten to year 10 will not be providing structured learning on Monday, however parents and carers may choose to access our Learning at Home website (link)
  • On Monday, all senior secondary students (Years 11 and 12) will be supported to learn from home
  • Should the lockdown period need to be extended further information relating to student learning will be provided


Hygiene and Preventative Measures 

During the lockdown period and until advice from Public Health changes, it is mandatory that face masks must be carried and worn when outside of the home for people aged 12 years and over.  Based on findings from lockdowns in other states, the wearing of face masks has been highly effective in reducing the spread of COVID-19.  


In our schools students in our secondary and senior secondary schools (students in Years 7-10) will be required to wear a mask. Staff in all schools will be required to wear a mask.


For children attending in person, the expectation is that they will have their own masks; however, if your child attends school and does not have one, the school will supply one from its stock.    


In order to limit adults on our school sites, we will recommence our Stop, Drop and Go for pickup and drops off.  This means that you will be able to drop your child off at the school entrance, and the school will have plans in place to ensure your child moves to their class.  Please follow your school’s advice about where and when to safely drop off and collect your child.   


In line with other current preventative measures we encourage everyone to: 

  • maintain physical distancing where possible
  • stay at home if you have any cold and flu symptoms and for parents to arrange a COVID test 
  • ensure you are wearing a mask if you leave the house
  • if you enter a school site make sure you check in using the Check In TAS App
  • continue to practice good hygiene by washing your hands regularly and coughing into your elbow.


The DoE Alerts and the Tasmanian Government Coronavirus webpage are key sources of information if you need further advice.   


We are confident that we can get through this uncertain time together once again, and we look forward to welcoming all students back into our schools again soon. 


Thank you all for your support and cooperation during this challenging period.    


Stay safe  




Tim Bullard 

Secretary Department of Education


Pre-Kinder sessions starting next week

Dear Pre-Kinder Families,

Thank you to those people who have let us know whether your child is attending our four pre-kinder sessions, starting next Monday 18th October, 1.40pm-3pm. These sessions obviously aren’t compulsory; however, it is a great opportunity for you and your child to become familiar with space and the teachers they will have for next year.
For those who can make it, please remember to scan in using the QR codes available and to sign in on the sign in sheet in the classroom.
Can all children please bring either a piece of fruit or veg to share and pop it in the basket provided.
Our learning experiences will be a mix of exploration, mat time with a story, a whole group activity and an outside play at the end. We encourage you to help your child feel comfortable within the space.
Unfortunately, if your child is unwell (runny nose, cough or fever) they are unable to attend the sessions. Thank you for your understanding.
If you have any questions please email me:
Cathy and I are looking forward to seeing you!
Thanks Katie Stagg - Kinder Teacher

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